A Recipe For Success Ltd is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its integration into the East of England based web design and digital marketing company - Free Rein Ltd.

Both organisations share a similar heritage with a strong focus on customer service, with customers ranging from large public sector and commercial customers through to small local businesses.

The new combined organisation brings together the Open Source experience of Free Rein Ltd with the Microsoft .NET experience of A Recipe For Success Ltd to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions, using both bespoke and off the shelf products.

Existing A Recipe For Success Ltd customers will benefit from ongoing support of their current technical solutions such as the e-KIS Content Management System, The Meeting Factory, and Heritage Connect.

Customers will also have access to the new combined team and a wider set of skills, products and solutions to address their specific needs.

Some examples of the skills, product and solutions offered include:-

If you would like to find out more about Free Rein Ltd please click on – www.free-rein.net.

Alternatively to speak with Jeff Hume please call 01473 810002 or e-mail Jeff.Hume@free-rein.net